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Elevate Your Lifestyle

Our membership and coaching programs offer more than access to a gym; they're your gateway to a lifestyle of continuous improvement. We have a wide variety of programs to fit a variety of goals and lifestyles.

Kaizen Coaching

Personal training at Kaizen is designed to create a pathway for you to reach your goals on your individual fitness journey.

We will provide you with the tools and accountability to achieve any goal effectively and safely. Our coaches have nationally accredited certifications and degrees in Exercise Physiology.

Not sure what's right for you?

Sign up for a free tour and consultation with one of our coaches or become a member with 24/7 Access to get started on your own today!

Hybrid Coaching

Take the guess work out of training and let us program it for you!

Our Hybrid Training Program allows you to get regular workouts written based on your fitness goals, without the price tag of regular in-person training.

Through our preferred training app, TrainHeroic, you will have the benefit of a Kaizen coach at your fingertips both at the gym and at home. 

Athlete Training

Through competition and training, we have helped athletes earn scholarships and become varsity starters on their local teams.

Your athlete will be trained based upon the sports they play, with a focus on improved strength, explosiveness, speed, and agility. Training has also been proven to help reduce the risk of injury, ensuring your athlete won’t sit this season. 

Kaizen 6 Week Transformation Challenge

The 6 Week Challenge is our most intensive program offered. This program is designed specifically for people that want to kickstart their weight loss and health journey.

We focus on big changes that allow for healthy, long-term lifestyle adjustments for a permanent improvement in your health and fitness mindset. 

Kaizen 24/7—General Membership

Our general gym membership includes 24-hour access to the facilities. Discounts for Military, First Responders, Teachers, and OU Students and Staff!


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