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Garrison Niemiec

Garrison, from Arvada, CO, holds a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and is NSCA-certified. He trains in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and strength training. Garrison is dedicated to improving clients' mobility, athletic potential, and weight loss, especially for events like weddings or staying active with grandchildren. He also specializes in preventing joint surgeries and aiding post-surgery recovery.

Romero Gatewood

Romero holds 10 years of experience in coaching, specializing in strength training, olympic lifting, and aerobic capacity training. He trains in olympic lifting, swimming and strength training while competing at high levels in cross fit. Romero is committed to leaving it all out on the floor whether it’s meeting his own goals or helping you meet yours. He has a soft spot for functional training to help his clients create a pain free life of longevity. Come see Romero at Kaizen Performance where EVERYDAY we continuously get better!

Xavien Hughes

Xavien is a dedicated personal trainer with a fiery passion for dominating the track, the field, and every challenge in between. Specializing in sculpting speed, power, and coordination to perfection, Xavien crafts champions out of athletes at every level. Join him to ignite your potential, shatter your limits, and conquer the competition. Let's rewrite the rules of athleticism together!

Hensley Miller

Hensley holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and is NASM-certified. She crafts personalized fitness plans to help you reach your goals. Whether you aim to build strength, lose weight, improve flexibility, or enhance overall fitness, Hensley is committed to guiding you to success. Together, she'll help make your health and fitness goals a reality!

Will Sheppard

Will, from Ada, OK, holds a Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science from the University of Oklahoma. He is passionate about guiding people through their fitness journeys, always pushing them to stay motivated and keep improving.

Soren Francey

Soren, from Dallas, TX, is a junior at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science. He is currently interning at Kaizen.


Gojo is our newest coach, but don't let that fool you—he is also our most involved. Certified as an emotional support dog, he takes his role seriously. Gojo specializes in spotting and providing rest break hype-ups. He is passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle and enjoys behind-the-ear scratches.


Buffy has two years of experience and has been with the team the longest, second only to our owner. Her favorite gym exercises are battle ropes and sleds. Buffy is passionate about accountability and regular check-ins to ensure you meet your goals. As our toughest coach, she provides tough love when needed and is your biggest cheerleader when you're excelling in the gym.

Kaizen Coaches

Personal training at Kaizen is designed to create a pathway for you to reach your goals on your individual fitness journey. We will provide you with the tools and accountability to achieve any goal effectively and safely. Our coaches have nationally accredited certifications and degrees in Exercise Physiology.

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